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SNP to Breadcrumbs

Create a list of SNPs that you can use for a table header.
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Select age for start of breadcrumbs 10000 years before present
Select age for end of breadcrumbs 2000 years before present
Select change to display 0% change in number of descendants

Find Common Ancestor

Find the common ancestor of two or more SNPs.
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Export Mean Haplotypes

Export mean Y111 STR haplotypes for branches under a given SNP.
If you enter a SNP without a mean haplotype, results will be exported for three levels above the first with data.

Export Text Tree

Create a pure-text tree of all SNP descendants. Copy and paste using a monospaced font for clearest indenting.
tMRCAs are BCE(-)/CE(+)
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Find All Replicate Mutations

Find all cases where a mutation occurs more than once. Copy and paste to Excel for easier viewing. Go

Divide into Sub-Trees

Split the nodes under any SNP into subtrees.
    minimum sub-tree size    
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Find ISOGG Y-SNP Synonyms

Find ISOGG equivalents, for example R1b1a1b1a1a2c1 = R-L21
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Based on Y-DNA Haplogroup Tree 2019-2020, v15.73, 11 July 2020, at https://isogg.org/tree/.
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