Curriculum vitae of Robin W Spencer January 2013
Robin W. Spencer
13 New London Road
Mystic, CT 06355 USA (perpetual email)
education and experience
Imaginatik PLC
innovation support Director of Research
Mystic, CT and Boston, MA
Pfizer, Inc.
pharmaceuticals Research & Development
Groton, CT
2006Senior Research Fellow, Innovation and the Idea Farm
2004Executive Director, Exploratory Medicinal Sciences
2001Group Director, Discovery Biology
1998Research Director, Chemistry
1994Assistant Director, Medicinal Chemistry
1990Manager, Medicinal Chemistry
1990Manager, New Leads Exploratory Medicinal Biology
1987Project Leader, Pharmacology
Syntex, Inc.
pharmaceuticals Research Section Leader, Institute of BioOrganic Chemistry
Mississauga, Ontario
biochemistry University of Wisconsin, Madison, and M.I.T.
Helen Hay Whitney fellow, William H. Orme-Johnson, adviser
biochemistry Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA
National Science Foundation fellow, Christopher T. Walsh, adviser
physics Williams College, Williamstown MA
magna cum laude, honors, Phi Beta Kappa 1972
career synopsis
After college, graduate school, and postdoc, I was a lab supervisor in Syntex doing mechanism-based drug design for 6 years. Moving to Pfizer, I co-invented the discipline of High Throughput Screening (HTS) and led the team that found the first non-peptidic antagonists of Substance P, bombesin, CRH, and many others. I rose through management ranks from Project Leader (1987) to Executive Director (2004), the latter with a 110-person department including all HTS, high-speed chemistry, outsourcing, & computational chemistry for Pfizer's largest research site, and served on numerous local and international management teams, several as chairman and with third-party partnerships. I've received Pfizer Global R&D's highest personal achievement award and the company's Upjohn Innovation award.

In 2006 I chose to make a lateral career move out of management, inventing and taking the unique role of full-time innovation and idea management leader for all of Pfizer's 15,000 person R&D division. As author and facilitator of over 200 business challenges in four years, I have a deep, practical, and diverse base of experience in collective approaches to business needs. My title was Senior Research Fellow, Pfizer's highest non-management position. I was also on the leadership team for Pfizer R&D's Continuous Improvement group, 2008-2010. Retired from Pfizer in 2010, I am currently the Director of Research at Imaginatik PLC, helping to bring scalable collaborative processes to major corporate clients.

I was an adjunct faculty member at the University of Toronto, and have taught in Connecticut College Medicinal Chemistry courses. I have always had a shadow career in computer science, publishing and writing serious, heavily used applications to support my other roles. I've written commercial-grade stand-alone Macintosh applications, and write extensively today in JavaScript-Ajax-CSS-DHTML.
skills, passions, aspirations
I have always had a passion for finding patterns in large sets of data and then doing something practical with those observations. I believe that important and useful things tend to be complex and cannot be oversimplified, though that complexity can be layered and managed to help implement solutions at appropriate levels. While I enjoy the academic scientist's approach (explore, discover, synthesize, publish, teach), I am a champion of the private sector as the most efficient, effective, and sustainable place to implement change. I am a micro-and-macro thinker: happy to craft strategy and processes, yet equally happy to dive into spreadsheets, algorithms, and low-level implementation, and have always found that each illuminates the other. I enjoy writing and public speaking as the details below will attest.

In the next phase of my career I aspire to bring my employer unique experience in crafting and managing large-scale collaborative innovation programs inside a Fortune 100 corporation, along with my analytical interests and software implementation skills in revealing useful patterns in large datasets.

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